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Antartic Press is releasing a Deadpool/Winnie-the-Pooh parody comic called Dead Pooh. The comic is a one-shot and is scheduled to come out 3/21/2012. Thanks to PoolFan for the tip.

Trash-collecting bear by day, crime-fighting martial artist by night. Dead Pooh protects the citizens of Woodland City from the menace of the Candy King. In the best traditions of parady, Comi-Kazi presents the latest hero to arise to confront the forces of darkness for truth, justice…and a jar of honey!


No one talks. No one listens. I sit here like a fucking cave troll, there for a cheap laugh of when someone needs something. The only person I need is a hundred miles away and I rely on a selection of herbal fucking remedies to keep sane. I am so forgettable I wasn’t invited. Twice. I am so boring I was allowed to tag along. I’m so damn ridiculous because of the fucking footwear I choose. No one gets me apart from her and I have even managed to push her away. I am stupid rotten mess who can’t even keep it together for my soulmate. What good am I? Fucking none. I just want to be back there cuddled in bed with her.

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